A-Level results (Advice)

Hello Post 16 (Parents and Guardians),

I know the feeling, the day is almost here, lets keep this gentle and straightforward, 6 years ago I was in the exact position you are in right now. There will be different people, some have already picked the university, some maybe waiting for results but want time off education and some university is not on the cards at all, whichever position you might be in, have a little read (make yourself comfortable with a cuppa and relax).

So your grades have been predicted ( it doesn’t mean that its the end of the world if you get anything lower than what you were predicted), and its those grades that have enabled you to be offered some sort of conditional offer. Yes! You want that place at that university so I strongly believe that you have worked extremely hard to achieve that grade. For whatever reason, if it ever happened that you didn’t get the grade to get into that university you have been eyeing since last September (from as long as you can remember), it doesn’t mean that you will never become that astonishing Accountant /business management, whatever you want. If you can ring up the university and explain your new situation, if it means going there to meet the course leader don’t be afraid do it! Universities are run by human beings just like you and me. Ring your other universities you applied to, should all that fail and really want to get on that course try other universities and keep looking through clearance next few days. Meet with your post 16 teachers for further help, they are always helpful and can offer and explain what you could do next.

Hi there, are you having doubts about the course you picked/applied for? Its not too late, I think sometimes we miss the point that Higher Education is such a big step and being sure about what you would like to do could be the most important thing. I can tell you that most of the teenagers are under pressure, thinking about the career at the age of 16 could be a little bit too early for some people. My advice would be if you are unsure, or want to make changes to what you applied for do so. Again its never too late. Don’t go to Higher Education because it is expected of you by your family/friends, you are doing it for yourself and people around you should support/respect/advice you.

You might be having doubts about Higher Education in general, but still feel like you should go because that’s what you are expected to do or maybe you are just thinking well if I don’t go to university what will I be doing, may as well go. I wouldn’t go for that reason. Consider internship/travel or look for a job and that way you might have that time you need to re-think your options.

If you are ready to hit the road and join the exciting life of Higher Education, you will love it. For some reason you got to University/course and found out that it actually isn’t for you, again its never too late, nothing worst than staying on a course that isn’t right for you. If you feel the course isn’t for you but your family think that’s what you should do, nothing wrong in having a discussion with them and share your concern even the strictest parents are ready to bend a little bit, remember they are looking out for you and what nothing but the best for their son/daughter.

I have my fingers crossed for all of you, remember tomorrow is not about impressing anyone, it is about you. Don’t be disheartened just because you didn’t get your predictions. The grades don’t define you, because they are a lot of circumstances to consider , if that paper was done on a different day you may have had different grades so it doesn’t mean you have failed because you are failure or not as good as others. Just remember where is your personality, attitude and awesomeness in that grade?

All My Love