Hello, I’m Ketty. I’m 20 something, I live in the East Midlands, Nottingham. I feel I have this opportunity to share my world with you. I studied Psychology as my first degree, I really wanted to help young people and play a role in their lives, so I’m now a qualified Further Education Psychology Lecturer. I created this blog as place where I can show off my favourite food, fashion and lifestyle.

In case you are wondering why I named my blog “Dat Swart Meisie” it is simply “That Black Girl” in Afrikaans. I don’t speak any Afrikaans but I’m a Black African British and saying “That Black Girl” didn’t have the same effect.

I made this blog for fun, to be able write and share my own perception on everyday life, whatever I share here I really hope you enjoy it and hopefully you can take something from it. I’m not promising much, but there might be something good, enjoy this journey with me.

All My Love


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