We already know what to expect from love, but why is our generation afraid of love?

Psychologists and many other social sciences have been researching the reasons why people are afraid of love (It seems we all are afraid of love). I think about it and I feel I should share my own personal account.

New love has the potential to stir the past! Most of us are afraid of love because of it’s potential to stir the past, which in most cases is painful or dark past that we don’t always want to revisit. If the past is that dark, do something about it, because love is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Love makes us vulnerable! I personally hate being in a vulnerable position, but one think I have learnt when it comes to love, being vulnerable has always being the sweetest thing. You always feel vulnerable with the presence of love but its that vulnerability that makes us strong and love unconditionally. It’s that vulnerability that makes our love strong and learn how to love and treat others (because I know how it feels to be attacked emotionally).

Love challenges an old identity! Because of love being such a wonderful thing, most of us find it hard to believe that someone can actually love and appreciate us. We all create an identity about who we are, and for some of us we tend to believe that we are unloveable (total BS). Life experiences usually creates this identity about who we are, keep this mind we can all love and be loved.

Love is equal! Most of us are afraid of love, because we tend to think,  what if its unequal? What if they don’t feel the same way? I feel like at the start of love, it’s most likely to be unequal, but that’s ok because thats why we have dates, it doesn’t hurt to spend time with the new potential love, so we get to know each other. Love is a beautiful garden full of beautiful plants and flowers that need looking after, well looked after love result in equal love. You work for it to get it equal, otherwise it will remain unequal.

Love has the potential to break connection with our family and friends! I love my family and my friends and having that fear that love can break what I have with with my family and friends, is not a happy thought. Don’t allow love break that, instead, think of it as love has the potential to bring in new family and friends. Love, should it be done right can actually improve your social network.

Love comes with Pain! This is reality, love can bring such joy but it also bring sadness. The best thing to do is accept love and never assume that you can numb yourself from pain and yet have the joy that love brings. I don’t think it works like that, love comes with a lot of joy but don’t forget that it also comes with pain.

Love can make us hate us! Sometimes we tend to dislike the person we become when love is present. Love can make you weak, love can make us take risks love can make us do things we never thought we would be capable of. Love is powerful and can influence us, but as we allow ourselves to experience it, we become more powerful, whilst developing self-control.

Should we be afraid of love to protect ourselves?

All My Love


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