A Summer Curry all the way from Marrakech

I recently had the most amazing Holiday in Marrakech, it was beautiful and it’s just natural to have those holiday blues. Whilst there I was inspired in so many ways by so many things (Hopefully one day I get the chance to blog about it) and cooking and their love for spices was one of them.

Amongst the spices I invested in was the Morocco Curry, which apparently is meant to have a sweet mild taste. Well, because it’s a little bit warm in England (our hot summer) I thought maybe use the curry powder with a twist.

I made some chicken curry kebabs served with a garnish (red onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumber) and a side salad. Presented it with some naan bread and a curry dip.

The meal was tasty, very different to what have had before. The curry is very strong, although they described it as mild and sweet. I would personally say mild with a very strong taste to it. It was quite simple and easy to prep and make. Enjoyed the meal and the chicken came out well and the homemade curry dip was excellent.

Overall, a good meal to serve on a warm day, maybe when you have friends around (not the picky ones), perhaps as a starter or the main course.

All My Love



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