Once you’ve found IT and it’s in for a long haul

There is probably thousands of posts about finding LOVE on the internet, but what happens after you found it? How do you keep that flame, like the very first few days when you met? Some say doing the same thing every day can be boring, but why not change the way things work if you strongly feel that doing the same thing everyday can be boring. A relationship or love can feel like you are doing the same thing everyday, especially if you have been together for a long time (How long is a long time?). 

Let’s put it this way once you have the love, keeping it is even harder than finding it. Don’t be lazy, let your partner feel like everyday is a new day in your relationship, do something different for yourself and for the relationship. It might just be changing the order of the day or making something that you have never made before.

Compliment each other! This is great for both parts in a relationship. Contributes to an individual’s self content.  Well, the feeling of knowing that, despite being in this relationship this long, they still notice me. I’m not saying go and spend money to keep your partner looking at you, it’s all about the effort. Make an effort, change your hair/style. By the way you are doing this for yourself, because it makes you feel better when you get that compliment. So don’t say why do I need to do this for someone? 

Surprise each other! Could be as little as making a meal you have never made before, buying your partner their favourite chocolate bar whilst you are out, again you don’t have to be spending money, unless you sleep in cash. (Be sure with the surprises, in the past they have been known to not go so well).

Celebrate each other’s success/achievement! It could be your partner’s small promotion at work, having a new job (even if you they have been to interviews and didn’t go well, make them feel better when they are back, because you know they are the best and that company just don’t know it) or finishing uni. Any achievement big or small, show them their happiness is yours and you are proud of them no matter what happens.

Don’t make your partner give up their hobby (anything they have always enjoyed)! I know time is an essence, and sometimes due to work demands we tend to stop enjoying what we used to. If you are in a relationship, encourage your partner to look back on what they used to enjoy. I believe that if someone gave up what they used to enjoy and they strongly feel that you are the reason they don’t do that, the frustration can slowly break the love.

Your relationship is not a rehab! Don’t be controlling, let your partner make their own choices and decisions. Keep this in mind sometimes things don’t work you way only, they are other ways (use your partners, don’t do it to prove a point though, “ah I told you”). In a relationship you should be aiming at building each other.

I’m lucky and it’s my job to give something back. Thank you for reading.

All My Love


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